Year in Review: An Open Letter to Myself

By April Kosky | Tuesday 9th January, 2018

Hello me,

How’s it going? I’m writing to you from 2018 because having been through 2017, I might have some words of advice for you. I wanted to tell you that you’re going to go through some shit this year but, in the end, you’ll just about manage – and I think you’ll find you end up a stronger person.

2017 is going to be a bittersweet year. Parts of it are going to be amazing, but it might not end up as great as you’d have expected. You’ll definitely learn a lot, and don’t worry, I think a lot of the hard lessons will be useful in the years to come.

So, want the bad news first? At the beginning of the year, you will of course assume that you will spend New Year’s Eve snuggled up with the person you love after going out with your mates, but everything changes. In fact, the whole festive period will definitely be the worst part of your year. Going home, becoming more aware of the growing cracks in your friendship group, seeing people you don’t want to see, living under your parents’ roof again, it’s all going to be a bit shit. New Year’s Eve might be especially hard. Spending the night in a ramshackle farmhouse in rural Norfolk won’t be what you are expecting.

But you will look back and see that 2017 is a year for growing up and for realising that while everything changes, some of the most important things stay the same. 2017 will teach you who your true friends are, who you can rely on through thick and thin... and who you can’t. It will remind you that when everything sucks, family are always there to fall back on, and this is something you should never forget.

Although it might feel looong, 2017 will be the year you get your Master’s degree. (You did it!) And by the end of the year, it might even feel like your career is about to take off and you will finally be writing pieces that you will be proud to put your name to. You will start a business with your mum, and experience more parts of the world. Your best friend and housemate will grow into a fully-fledged person with a real-life job, and surprisingly, you will feel no jealousy, just pride to know someone like him.

Around the world, 2017 is going to be a pretty shit year as well. Not just in politics, but culturally, environmentally and in a whole range of other ways. What will continually surprise you is the resilience and hope you will see from people in bad situations. Be it individuals standing up to trolls on the internet, or huge protests in the US, everyone will be fighting their own battles, no matter what size.

Seeing people fight these battles, both on a global and a personal scale, will fill you with the courage to try and do the same. It will give you hope that maybe the world isn’t totally screwed, but full of people who feel the same way as you, people that have a hope for the future.

When you finally reach 2018, you’ll be ready to put all the crap from the year behind you going out into the world each day feeling positive and sending this positive feeling to everyone you see and into everything you do. See how it goes, I guess? Maybe it’s just that ‘beginning of the year feeling’ that everyone gets, but this time it somehow does feel a little different.

Try and enjoy the year (and don’t let the bad stuff get to you too much).

April (the 2018 version) xx

Photo credits: Wine and Bowties