The Advice Booth: What To Do If You Woke Up Feeling Rubbish This Morning

By Ashley Manning | Tuesday 10th October, 2017

Hey, how’s it going? You feeling okay? Are you sure? You don’t look okay… Yeah I know you’re saying you’re fine but you just don’t seem yourself… you’ve got some shit going on? Ah right okay… Can I help you with anything, maybe we can grab a drink later? Okay, well if you’re sure...

This morning, in the UK, 1 in 6 of us will have woken up feeling shit. Whether it was dreading our day at work, hating the person we saw in the mirror or feeling completely lost because we haven’t got a clue what we are doing with our lives. What’s more, 1 in 15 of us has or will try to commit suicide in their lifetime which isn’t surprising when you realise that suicide is now the leading cause of death amongst young men and mental health problems are sharply rising amongst young women.


But why? Often, it’s caused by all the fun you thought other people had, all the things you want but don’t feel you deserve and the life you wish was yours, but seems to be someone else’s. We live in a perpetual state of want and disatisfaction. We try really hard to stand out but still want to belong and we’re desperate to connect with people but instead spend our days scrolling through people’s ‘best bits’ on social media.

But what’s important to know is that, no matter the cause, it’s okay that you woke up this morning feeling shit and you weren’t the only person who woke up feeling this way. We asked 20-somethings what advice they’d want you to hear if you woke up this morning feeling really fucking shit. So, listen up, yeah?

Caitlyn - 28

Remember that no one has their shit together and everyone is just as terrified as you.

Ben - 25

I'm no expert- all I know is that if I lay in bed, that's going to be way worse than getting up and getting on with my day. Seeing people, talking, getting outside, making plans, going through a routine. All of that is way better to me than staying in bed.


Sophie - 26

I'm guilty of just 'getting on with life' when I feel shit, so the feeling builds until I have an emotional meltdown after a few days. So my advice (to myself too) would be to tackle it straight away... figure out what the problem is and see if there are any solutions.

Nina - 24

I have days like this sometimes and what I’m thinking to myself is that I don’t want to deal with yesterday’s shit (as usually, if I wake up feeling like shit, it’s yesterday’s leftovers). I take a shower, get dressed and make myself feel beautiful and sexy, take care of myself and treat myself simply because I’m enough. For the sake of not forgetting, I wrote it on my mirror with lipstick. Long story short - I’d advise you to put yourself first.

James - 23

We’re not in a society anymore where mental health has that kind of taboo tag. It’s better to be open about it than beat yourself up about it and make things ten times worse.

Becky - 25

Whenever I feel crappy or things are just not going my way, I always think about how my life could actually be much worse. I could not have a house and a bed to sleep in, I could have no one in my life. I can always come up with about 10 things instantly that I have that so many people in the world don't have. That definitely puts things into perspective.

Will - 28

My advice would be to make a positive change in your life and set achievable goals to work towards. Start by making subtle changes to your sleep and diet, take extra vitamins like ginseng which is a natural remedy for improving mood. Set small goals like making your bed every morning so even if you’ve had a shit day you come home to a bed that’s made and join a club or a team that interests you so you feel a sense of belonging or achievement.

Callum - 24

My advice would be to stick on a vibey playlist or some guilty pleasure (Spotify TBT…) whilst you’re getting ready for work/uni. If I’m feeling shit I try and chat with my friends before getting to work - it makes a difference having a quick ten minute catch up with friends who I haven’t seen for a while, even if you just end up gossiping or talking about shit TV (Love island…)


Mary - 22

If you can’t stay in bed (if, say, you have to go to work), push yourself to get up, and make sure you have some self-care strategies in place (get a hot chocolate on your way in, go and find a green space to sit in during lunch, have a relaxing bath when you get home).

Seb - 24

When I struggle to get up in the morning I think to myself when do I feel the most awake? Usually the answer is when I am being active, focusing on something I need to do, not over-thinking but deciding to just do. Repeating to myself that after 5 minutes of being out of bed I will not remember the feeling of never wanting to leave my bed and that a new day has begun drags me out of my bed.

Rosie - 21

Get up, open the curtains and have some coffee. Think about your life and what needs changing, otherwise it will always be the same. What can you do for you today, not anyone else.

Jess - 26

I actually did wake up feeling shit today. I made hot soy milk with honey and did yoga. It helped a bit but I still think a nap would do me the world of good. So all day I've been focusing on my nap when I get home. And later I might work out to let out any anger and then have coffee and listen to music.

Fran -21

Do one small thing that you know you should do first thing in the morning (eat some fruit, reply to that email you’ve been ignoring) so that you start the day with an achievement.

Jan - 27

Put 'iddy bitty pretty one' on from Matilda, eat some bacon and fuck shit up... and maybe put some whiskey in your coffee.

Alex - 27

Just because you feel shit, doesn't mean you're going to have a shit day. Choose to laugh at the stuff that's shit, then you're not wasting expensive make up.

If you're having a really shit time and you want to have a chat with someone, then check out these websites here-