We've Launched | Here's Everything You Need To Know

By Ilja Daderko | Wednesday 25th January, 2017

The day is finally here. This is not a drill. We have actually launched on both iOS and Android.

It may have taken us a little longer than we wanted (sorry ‘bout it), but we’re now ready to start opening up accounts & sending out cards. 🎉 Now we’ve all stopped weeping with joy, let’s get onto the technicalities. You’ve probably got some questions and we’re here to answer them:

When will I be invited to open an account?
The date you’ll be invited to open an account depends on where you are in the waiting list. The higher up you are, the sooner you’ll be invited. If you take a look at your app, you’ll see the estimated dates during which you’ll be invited to open an account. These invites will start going out as of today. We’ll be inviting a huge batch of people at the front of the list, and will keep doing this till we get through everyone. But if you’re a keen bean and want that invite earlier, you can still refer people using your unique code & bump your way up the list!

What do I need to do to open my account & when can I start using it?
Once your account is ready to be opened, we’ll get in contact, so watch out for an email and push notification from us! From there, you’ll be taken to start the process of opening an account on the app. All you’ll need to do is take a quick selfie, scan your ID and enter your address. Then bam, you’ll officially have a Loot account and a card on its way to you. As soon as you’ve created an account you’ll be given an account number and sort code. So although you don’t yet have your card, you can transfer money into and out of your Loot account.

How long will it take for me to get my card?
Once you’ve finished creating your account, your card will be on its way & with you within 7 days. They’re pretty slick (if we do say so ourselves), but just lil reminder that if you want to take and share a picture of your card, please remember to cover the whole card number on the front to prevent any fraud. Besides that, we’ll be waiting for your pics on Twitter… 😋

How do I activate my card?
So you’ve just ambushed the postman/woman and now have the sacred Loot card in your hands. It’s nice, right? Now it’s time to activate it. All you have to do is open the app and either scan your card or enter the long number on the front of your card. As soon as you’ve done that, you’ll be able to see your PIN and you’re ready to use your card.

I have an Android phone, when can I open an account?
Today! It has taken a little longer, but we’re finally on iOS AND Android! 🙌

If I’m not already on the waiting list can I still sign up?
If you’re on Android, you’ll be able to sign up and open an account without joining a waiting list 🎉. If you’re on iOS, you’ll need to download the app & then you’ll be added onto the waiting list & sent an invitation to open an account. It shouldn’t be too long before we make our way through our current waiting list on iOS.

Should we expect anything else from the app in future?
Definitely. We’re really excited about what we’re launching with, but over the next three months we’re going to have even more features to flaunt. Think Smarter Transaction Notifications, Debit Card Loading, Direct Debits and Categorisation. When they’re ready to go, they’ll be introduced through app updates. Watch this space…

Got more questions and a burning desire to ask them? Drop us a message at [email protected] or tweet us @LootApp, and we’ll sort you out.