The Things You Wish You Knew Before You Graduated

By Parisa Hashempour | Thursday 26th January, 2017

Dear University Me,

You’re wide eyed and excited and you’re out to have a good time. You’ve met a group of girls that will become your best friends in the world. They’ll be there to make you laugh through your mid-uni crisis, to cry all over during exam season and to sensibly talk you out of (and into) plenty of bad decisions: like going out to get a piercing instead of revising or spending the last of your money for the month on steak and chips at 5am in the casino. But a word of warning, when one of your beloved friends comes home drunk the night before your exam – don’t let her get into your bed. She will be sick in it.


Don’t beat yourself up too much for choosing the wrong course. I don’t know why you thought you’d want to learn Chinese from scratch; don’t worry, those five sentences of Chinese you know will turn out to be a really great party trick and you’ll always be able to spot the exit sign if you ever find yourself in Beijing. You went from being top of the class at school to the bottom of the class at uni and it will hit you pretty hard at first but persevere – you’ll find out what you’re good at. Pay more attention to what you are learning and make sure you do your readings every week. I know you’d prefer to party until stupid o’clock and lie in until the afternoon but you are incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to be able to study at all. And there’s more than enough time for partying and reading.

Save some money, Trust me, you’ll need it

Make the most of your time. Find a sport and stick to it. Who knows, you could be a champion kick boxer by now. You probably won’t be – but you could be. (And a word of warning – when you join cheerleading, try not to jump out of the way when you’re supposed to catch that girl that comes flying at your face. I think she seriously hurts her back when you drop her.) On that note, don’t eat all those biscuits. You can eat some biscuits, but a pack of Maryland cookies for dinner is a bit excessive. You’ll end up working at an online health and fitness magazine so it would be handy to get a bit of a head start on that one. But also don’t get too hung up on your weight. There is nothing wrong with your figure.


And you really shouldn’t bother with that Wonderbra. There is literally no point. It’s scratchy and uncomfortable and you nicked it off your housemate so it’s two sizes too big anyway. Soon, thanks to the Kardashians and butt fillers, the rise of the bum will happen and there will be something new to stress about anyway. And please, please, please don’t dye your hair blonde. It turns to candy floss. Ginger candy floss. You only stay blonde for three weeks and your hair won’t recover for years.

Save some money. Trust me, you’ll need it – and you really don’t need all those ASOS clothes. That £60 full-length baby blue skirt? You wear it once! And if you do insist on buying clothes, because I know you will, at least start stocking up on smart things. You really can’t get away with wearing those see through Urban Outfitters crop tops to the office post graduation. They were questionable lecture attire to begin with.

Whilst we’re on the topic of wasting money – stop popping into Holland & Barrett on the way home from uni. It doesn’t count as getting one free if you weren’t going to get one in the first place and anyway, you’re getting enough vitamins from your Maryland cookies.

Be good to your parents. They love you so much and they miss you every day. Look after them, visit them more, call them often and don’t take it out on them if you’re having a bad day. And last but certainly not least – enjoy every moment. Time flies far too quickly and before you know it you’ll find yourself waking up a grown up graduate. Appreciate every single day and all of the amazing people that you spend your time with.
*Lots of love, *
Graduate Me

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