How to Look Stylish Without Breaking the Bank

Sponsored | Wednesday 6th September, 2017

In collaboration with The Idle Man

A lot of men seem to think that to look stylish, you have to part with a lot of your hard-earned cash. But you’d be surprised. With some simple pointers and a little nudge in the right direction, you can look just as stylish as some of the world’s best- and for a lot less than you’d think. It’s all about planning your clothes in advance, having the necessary staple pieces to combine with your luxury items, and then getting the balance just right.


Know where to shop

The first step to looking stylish on a budget, is knowing where to shop. A lot of places will take great pleasure in over-charging you for basic items, and marketing them as “premium” or “luxury” products. More often than not, this is not the case. You can pick up basics such as t-shirts, jeans, hoodies and crewnecks from all sorts of different places for very affordable prices. All these things make great wardrobe basics.

Be realistic

You should bear in mind the sort of clothing you typically spend your money on. There's no point in setting aside £200 if you're probably going to spend £150 on a luxury shirt. Ask yourself the question - how often am I going to wear this? If the answer is, "I’ll wear it once for that night out I’ve got coming up", then maybe you should have a rethink and go for a cheaper option. That way, you can spend more of your budget on other items, like a new pair of trainers, or a comfy new hoodie.


Shop wise

A trick we often use ourselves when shopping on a budget is to buy pieces out of season. This usually means heavily discounted products. For example, if you know that you’re after a new coat for the coming winter, start looking at the height of summer. You won’t find any in the high street stores, but in the depths of the web you might find some leftover stock from last winter, usually at very reduced rates. It may not be the latest design or colourway, but if you’re shopping on a budget what do you expect? It’ll only be one season behind, so likely still very on trend. Besides, you don’t have to be hopping on the latest runway trends as soon as they launch to look good, it’s simply a case of knowing how to put a decent outfit together.

Sale. Sale. Sale

Never underestimate sale season. It’s a great opportunity to pick up an item you might have been debating all season for a reduced price. Sometimes waiting a little and not buying something as soon as you see it can be very beneficial. After all, if you pay full price for something and then see it at 40% off two weeks later, you’re not going to be best pleased. A lot of online stores will have stock trackers and will tell you when an item is low in stock. So if you’re worried about an item selling out just keep a regular eye on the product page, and if stock is low you’ll be alerted.

Now you can start splashing out a little more on luxury, statement pieces. Out of your £200 for example, maybe you can now afford to spend £150 on a luxury jacket, because you already have the basics to match it with.


Putting the pieces together

Once you’ve built a solid wardrobe, the only thing you have left to worry about is the actual composition. There are a few key rules you need to follow and you’re set.

  • Never over complicate things- less is always more.
  • Avoid huge logos clashing with each other and make sure the colour in your outfit flows well.
  • Following on from this, accessorise your outfit well with some stylish footwear, and the occasional accessory such as a watch to add a touch of class, or a pair of sunglasses in the warmer months.

It's foolproof guys, seriously. Follow these tips if you’re struggling to look stylish on a budget, and you’ll be turning heads in no time.

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