The Best Business Podcasts to Help You Be Better with Money

By Ethan Shone | Thursday 9th August, 2018

If you’re not regularly listening to podcasts already then I don’t know what to tell you, other than you’re missing out. Whether it’s the morning commute, doing chores, or in the gym, there is so much time in our lives that can be improved infinitely with the addition of a good podcast. They come in all lengths, formats, types and varieties, but our focus here is on podcasts which will help you get a better grip of your personal finances – and honestly, who couldn’t do with that?

All of the following podcasts are available on Apple Music, and the majority can be found on Acast, too (excluding Cash Chats, which is on Soundcloud).


Cash Chats

Andy Webb is one of Britain’s leading personal finance experts, and in between running the financial blog of the year and presenting Channel 5’s Shop Smart: Save Money, he manages to put out a weekly podcast in collaboration with Money Bloggers UK. Most weeks Andy sits down with a different Finance blogger, which can be a great way to find new blogs to follow.

Episodes are typically around the 30-minute mark, and each focuses on a different specific subject, and interviewees will often have specific expertise in this area. The tone is always nice and conversational, making this a really easy listen. That being said, Cash Chats still manages to be super-useful, packing loads of great insight into every episode.

Afford Anything

Though this isn’t strictly a personal finance podcast, Afford Anything certainly offers plenty of advice relating to getting richer, making ends-meet and other money related topics - it’s just that there’s a lot of other stuff up for discussion too! Paula Chance plays host, and aims to help you improve your life in almost every way. “You can afford anything” goes Paula’s motto “just not everything”.

As a highly successful entrepreneur and investor who has travelled the world off the back of her work, Paula alone would be pretty well placed to help us out with some advice, so the fact that she regularly brings on experts and successful guests is just a bonus. Each episode packs in a lot of detailed info, often lasting an hour or more, so AA is ideally suited to long-journey-listening.

You Need a Budget

In case you didn’t know, You Need a Budget, and Jesse Mecham is here to help. These bite-sized budgeting podcasts are typically between five and ten minutes long, and each contains just a couple of useful tips focused specifically on making your money go further. This means that there’s absolutely no excuse for not getting a regular fix of money-wisdom.

The short format and quickfire nature of the advice means this podcast is kind of addictive, and considering there are over 300 episodes currently available, you might want to set some time aside.

Money to the Masses

Money to the Masses aims to do what it says on the tin. Host Damien Fahy is an ex-City worker, who eschewed the high-rolling financier lifestyle to instead disseminate practical and simple financial advice to anyone who’d listen – and lots do. Fahy saw that average joes like you and I aren’t always privy to the full picture when it comes to finance, meaning that those who can’t afford a financial planner are left to work it out for themselves, which can be hella-daunting.


As well as being a financial wizard, Fahy clearly has a talent for broadcasting, and for explaining even the most dull and convoluted aspects of finance in a way which is somehow both entertaining and easy to understand. As well as the podcast, his website is a great resource and contains all kinds of useful personal finance info.

Bad With Money

Having listened to the financial wizards and economic experts of the other podcasts on this list, you might start to feel a little inferior. Well, Bad With Money is here to remind you that you’re not the only mere mortal out there, and probably that you could be doing much worse. Gaby Dunn is a bestselling author and actor, and she brings real warmth and humour to the often-distressing subject of being bad with money.

There’s certainly a time and place for positivity and practical financial advice, but there’s also a time to just rage at the unfairness of it all, or laugh at our previous failures. Bad With Money offers more of the latter, but a little of the former. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry – and you might even learn something.

Bonus: Planet Money

OK so this isn’t really a personal finance podcast per-se, but then again I only promised you five of those, so you’ve still got what you came for. Planet Money is a super popular podcast and deservedly so; it takes an irreverent but highly informative look at all things economic and tries to explain some of the really complicated things about finance in a way that’s really captivating. Oh, it’s also a collaboration between two of the biggest names in podcasting: NPR and Chicago Public Media (producers of This American Life and Serial) so you know it’s good stuff. Highly recommend.