How Your Personality Affects How You Spend: The Optimist

By Ed Reynolds | Thursday 1st February, 2018

Do you refuse to go to the bar because your pint glass is half full? Are you always smiling in the face of adversity? Do you wake up and hear the birds singing even on a cloudy day? Then maybe you are an optimist.

Studies show that personality traits can heavily dictate the relationship we have with our money. One would assume that the optimist would have the healthiest relationship with their bank balance. But that’s not quite true.

There are two types of optimists. The first are those who, although positive, are still realistic. These are the people most likely to budget their money and think about how they spend it. If this is you, you’ll have a realistic idea of how you could easily stumble into financial trouble, but won’t be rigid when it comes to using your money. Also, you tend to make big decisions based on your ability to control the outcome. For example, you’ll be willing to pay £300 for a holiday because you know the exact amount you’ll be spending.


Doesn’t sound quite like you?

Hmm, then maybe you’re an idealistic optimist. You have a positive attitude, which is great because there are enough negative Nancys and Nigels about. But the problem is that you use this optimism to mask the truth.

You rarely consider the risks of your spending habits because you don’t think things will go wrong, because they haven’t… yet. The only logic you tend to use when you make financial decisions is “it will be okay” and you float along in ignorant bliss. So ignorant, in fact, that you’ll be racking up debt and have plenty of unpaid credit card bills and you’ll barely even notice. But the biggest giveaway of those with this personality trait? They’re comfortable living above their means as their funds steadily deplete.


The only way to solve this is to first acknowledge it. Then you can look at ways to manage your money before it gets a bit out of hand (assuming it already hasn’t). If you need some tips on how to budget to get yourself back on track, check them out here. Or you can download Loot and let the app do it for you!

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