How Your Personality Affects How You Spend: The Conservative

By Ed Reynolds | Wednesday 21st February, 2018

There are some people who are so careless with their money that they live on the breadline everyday of their lives- not because they've hit financially hard times, but because they are actually just a bit shit with money. Then there are others who are so cautious about money that they’re sitting on a pot of cash refusing to spend a penny of it. If you’re the latter, then you might be a financial conservative.

Unlike the other financial personality types, the conservative is less likely to ever run into debt problems or struggle to pay rent on time. This is primarily because they prefer to save than spend.


In some ways, this is great. They don’t take out credit cards and the level of apprehension they feel about committing to financial decisions prevents them from making massive irreparable fuck ups. But sometimes, they are so cautious that they don’t take any risks at all.

They very rarely invest their money or make moves to increase their credit through small risks. Without any risk at all though, there isn’t going to be much gain. In fact, conservatives can often make themselves miserable as they hoard money at the expense of doing things they could enjoy. Like going on holiday, going for a drink (or two) or eating a really delicious meal that was way out of their stingy budget.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with saving money and in fact, more people should make a better habit of it. But sometimes, eating fried chicken after a night out really hits the spot or taking a taxi home 'just this once' can be really pleasant. You’ve earnt that money so you deserve to spend some of it and enjoy yourself.


If you really are struggling to part with the money you earn then it might be helpful to make a budget to stick to and track your spending. That way, you get to continue saving whilst enjoying yourself more. Loot can help you budget and put money aside- two birds one stone, right? Download the app or find out more here.

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Photo credits: Hinemoana