Social Media: How to Turn Your Obsession into a Career

By Contributor | Tuesday 25th April, 2017

Ever idolised a social media celebrity? To some degree we are all guilty of being envious of at least one digital star. Whether it’s their pictures displaying the beautiful new places they’ve visited, their net worth that you found on Google or simply the fan following they have garnered, many of these individuals are not special, just creative and motivated. Selena Gomez is the perfect example; with over 118 million followers, her life is watched and scrutinised to a tee.

The introduction of peer to peer digital platforms has shifted the way that people connect with each other and people have been forced to adapt. We go to wherever the attention goes, and in 2017 guess where that is? Social Media.

For the first time in history, businesses are offering individuals sponsorship, advertising and product placement deals for those prepared to transform themselves from Ramen noodle eating students into digitally savvy entrepreneurs. The BIGGEST fallacy that puts off countless millennials from building their personal brand online is the stereotype of who you need to be. A quick look at Instagram, Twitter and YouTube can leave you feeling as if you’re not beautiful enough, not sociable enough or intellectually incapable of creating a digital presence.

The reality is that none of this matters. People are drawn to what stands out. If you’re not comfortable making yourself the face of the brand it’s not the end of the world. There are countless social media giants out there being operated by one or two people with only a logo made on Photoshop representing them. Still unsure about how you can create a following, an income or even a career out of social media with next to no costs? Take a look at where modern opportunity lies.


While the insanely beautiful among us can develop a huge followings on Instagram, the regular amongst often struggle. If you want to have a good crack at it, base your account on your personal interests, no matter what they may be. We’ve seen hundreds of Instagram accounts become majorly popular and profitable off the back of pet photos and videos but more recently, accounts such as Daniel Kordan’s “Travellers Insta” has skyrocketed. Daniel went from posting landscape pictures whilst travelling the world to being paid to visit specific destinations and promote them via his account. Coupled with the fact that it was the most popular platform of 2016, the ease of uploading on Instagram is a major plus.

Top Tip: Think outside the box. Sounds ridiculous, right? Well tell that to the ‘Bread Face Girl’ who ironically only fully displayed her face after hitting 100k followers.


With a simple set up and the ability to create content from your smartphone, YouTube is a chance to get really creative. You don’t need to be an outlandish, loony socialite to start building your brand on YouTube. In fact you don’t even need to be in front of the camera. YouTube has become the content king amongst digital platforms. Create engaging content and the audience will respond. An attractive thumbnail or a bold title can spark interest around the world and be viewed and shared thousands of times.

**Top Tip:**To make your YouTube account profitable, you don’t even need to reach an insane amount of subscribers. If you can find a niche audience that interacts well with your channel, there is opportunity to collaborate with niche sponsors.


Not heard of Twitch before? Well Amazon certainly did, and they paid a whopping $970 million in 2014 because of its potential. All you need is a decent webcam focused on yourself whilst playing and a microphone to provide audio commentary and you livestream your gameplay to the Twitch community (which produces over 100 million views per month).

Top Tip: Comical channels tend to do well. Not the funny type? Try getting that angry rant out whilst live streaming *Call of Duty; *we all love to hear a good gamer meltdown convinced that the game is biased. Don’t be fooled by the common misconception of social media. It’s not simply a tool for the social elite, it’s a gigantic marketing opportunity for the modern day entrepreneur. Play your cards right and you may never have to work a real job, without even having to post a booty pic!

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