Why Being an Adult Means Sleeping like a Baby

By Ed Reynolds | Monday 30th October, 2017

According to one recent study, young people nowadays sleep, on average, an extra 25 minutes longer a night than previous generations. Really, though? I’m pretty sure I haven’t slept longer than 6 hours a night since I turned 13 and in recent years any lie-ins were warranted because of a sleep deficit I’d created the night before when I stayed out till about 7am.

Hmm okay… maybe this is more like it then; another (rolls eyes) recent study suggested that 29% of us don’t think we get enough sleep. Well a congratulations is in order for 71% of people who get up every morning feeling revitalised- what’s your secret, huh?


But who even cares about sleep? What happened to go hard or go home? And surely sleeping is cheating? No good story ever started with ‘so basically yeah, I fell asleep’- am I right? And isn’t there some random quote knocking about that says ‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead’?

When are you actually supposed to fit a good 9 hours sleep in? You have to commute and go to work, go to the gym (or put your gym clothes on and then just sit on the end of your bed debating if it’s worth it) and have a life. And Stranger Things isn’t going to watch itself.

Our busy lives contribute to us having insufficient sleep because if we’re not up all night blinding ourselves with our phone’s blue light, we are stressing about tomorrow. In fact, apparently we spend 20% of the year stressed out; that’s about 73 days a year we’re worrying over things- surely that’s a bigger waste of time than sleep?

And lying awake till 2am stressing, watching Netflix or scrolling through Facebook is sort of okay in moderation, but the problem is that it becomes a habit. A habit that we then feed with another bad habit the next morning to perk us up- caffeine.


So what will happen if you continue to have a bad sleeping routine?

Guys, it’s not looking good, and nor will your skin because they don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing. Early onset aging is linked to late nights so if you still want to get ID’d when you’re 25, then go to bed. Whilst we’re at it, lack of sleep also contributes massively to weight gain. No, this isn’t me calling you fat... Sleeplessness causes digestive problems and also encourages you to reach for shit to spike your energy (shit being pretty much anything you crave throughout the day). Not sleeping can make you really ill too as it’s linked (as are most things to be honest) to heart disease, cancer and the worst of them all, man flu.


A lack of sleep also affects you psychologically. It can cause you to be really clumsy and distracted and also impinges on your memory- which must be why you can’t remember the name of that person who you brought home last night…

But most of all, and in someway perhaps most importantly, a lack of sleep can make you really down. Rather than sleeping you’ve spent hours stressing over work, hours comparing your life on social media or hours mindlessly watching some shit tv series. You’ll wake up irritable, negative and you’ll probably forget your keys or something annoying and then sit on your doorstep until someone comes home to let you in, crying for reasons unknown because you are TOO BLOODY TIRED TO FUNCTION.