6 Ways Long Distance Makes Your Relationship Stronger

By Contributor | Monday 10th December, 2018

In 1979, Barry White sang 'Love Aint Easy' and his soulful lyrics are still meaningful to this day. Any relationship comes with it's challenges but we often think of long distance as being more difficult.

Trust and communication are essential in all relationships. We have been lead to believe that the distance in between two people puts a strain on romance. There are plenty of resources on how to make a long distance relationship work, but we never seem to hear about the benefits it has.

For most couples, there is nothing better than being able to go home to their other half. Long distance is not a position couples want to be in forever, but it can make their relationship stronger in six different ways.

It (almost) feels like you're reliving the honeymoon stage

The start of any relationship is always magical. You can't possibly imagine anybody more perfect than your other half. You could spend the full day together and you'd miss them as soon as they leave. It certainly is a wonderful time but it does not last forever.

Over time this stage fades into a distant memory. You still love this person and while you consider yourself lucky to be with them, you don't get butterflies anymore when they hold your hand.

Long distance doesn't completely revive this, but it is as close to the honeymoon stage as it gets. You don't spend every money together and when you see them again it's incredibly exciting.

You appreciate what time you have together

Seeing our loves ones on a daily basis is something we can take for granted. In long distance relationships, you can go months without seeing each other only to spend a weekend together. While you'd love for them to stay longer you make every moment count. You definitely cherish their presence more knowing it could be another month or so before you see them again.

You can budget for a special date night

Another plus side to having fewer date nights, due to distance, is having the time and money to save for a special weekend, making your time together even more memorable. While it's always nice just to see your other half, it's still important to ditch a night of Netflix for something different every once in a while.

Too often couples fall into a same old routine due to work, university or life in general. There's more to life than what's on our TV screens to enjoy with your favourite person.

Dates are essential to keep things interesting. It can simply be going out for dinner or as extravagant as a city break. Whatever your budget, if you're in a long distance relationship, you have more time to plan and save for an exciting weekend together.

You fight less

All couples fight over insignificant issues. This is common in any realtionship and long distance doesn't provide a resolution to this. However, knowing that your time together is limited, you don't spend the full time bickering over each others annoying habits. When an argument arises, you both deal with it and swiftly move on.

It improves your communication with eachother

Just as you appreciate whatever time you spend together, you also appreciate whatever form of communication you have. Face to face is always what you're going to want more but a text message is better than nothing.

In a long distance relationship, you'll learn not to get annoyed when your partner takes too long to text back. You find a routine that fits in with your schedules and you make it work. It isn't always about how long you text or phone at any given time, but more the quality of the conversation.

Planning a future together becomes normal

This might not seem like a big deal. In fact, it shouldn't just be exclusive to couples in long distance relationships. Young people have a tendancy to freak out about what their future holds. With this in mind, thinking about a future with someone else too becomes daunting.

If you're planning for the future with a special someone then you're serious about them. Long distance relationships are all about planning for the future. It starts off as simply organising when you'll next see each other. Sooner or later you'll want to plan when you'll be moving in together. Then perhaps after that, you'll consider tying the knot.