We've Launched 'Pay A Contact'

By Loot | Thursday 24th May, 2018

Our Pay A Contact feature is here!

There is now a quicker way to pay your mate back for the Uber you couldn’t order when your phone battery conveniently died the other night (oops…). And your parents will no longer be on your back about the money you owe them for the festival ticket that you couldn’t afford when they came on sale (because you had actually just booked a holiday as well…).

You can now pay a contact using your Loot account AND save the details. What’s better, is if your friends already have Loot, the app will automatically show their details saving you the time of adding them yourself.

How do I use the feature on the app?

To pay someone, all you need to do is click on the ‘Send Money’ button in the app and you’ll be directed to a list of your friends who already have Loot (in which case, their Loot payment details will be readily available- as long as you give the app permission to access your contacts!) and to the list of any saved payee details from any other UK bank account (if you haven’t done so already, you can add them manually and save them for next time).


Can I repeat a payment?

Of course you can! When you find the person you’d like to send a payment to, if you click the ‘repeat’ button, the app will pre-populate the amount and reference (which you can still edit). You can also view the payment history with each saved contact you’ve made or received a payment from.

Can I add a reference?

If you’re paying money into another Loot account, references have a limit of 140 characters and are emoji enabled so you won’t struggle to convey to your mate why they do, in fact, owe you a tenner. However, if you’re paying to a non-Loot account, the character limit is 18 and you won’t be able to use emojis (so unfortunately, that’s a no to the dancing lady…).

Are payments secure, though?

As you know, we are big on security. Each time you make a payment to a contact, a two-factor authentication will be required; we’ll send you an SMS to check it’s you making the payment.

When you are saving payee details for the first time, please make sure you double and triple check them as we cannot be held responsible for money being sent to the wrong account!