The Ultimate Moving Out Checklist

Sponsored | Friday 8th September, 2017

In collaboration with Bubble Student.

The moment has finally arrived for you to pack up your things and start a new life in another city or relocate to another house with your mates. It’s a stressful time what with finding a good location for the right price. You want a house that you can call a home close to a Tesco, a bus stop and a pub. You’re not asking for much, right? This decision could mean the difference between a chill year and a shit one.

So to make it less stressful, we’ve teamed up with Bubble Student, the student accommodation app, to give you a checklist of everything you need to think of.


When you’re picking a house…

Scope the area

You want a house that has good transport connections (you don’t need anymore excuses to miss your 9am lecture) that’s also got a bit of character such as a local pub. You need to consider safety too; is the street well lit and can you walk to it without going through alleyways and parks at night?

Actually view the house

Don’t entrust anyone else to do it because you’ll either get bound to a terrible house or end up with the shittest room. Plus, photos don’t tell the whole story; does the toilet flush, is there mould on the walls? See for yourself before you sign the contract. (And OMG- always read the whole contract before you sign it.)

Ask the right questions

The adult way of ‘breaking the rules’ is knowing the rules in the first place and subtly bending them slowly; it’s a long term game. For example, ask if you can have house guests, is there 24 hour surveillance, who should you contact when something goes wrong and is there a noise curfew in the area. We won’t suggest how you bend these rules, that’s on your head, but just get all the information first.


When you’re getting ready to move...

Get an inventory

It’s a good idea to check what your accommodation/ house already provides. Bringing your own kettle and toaster when they are already there is extra weight and extra effort. And make sure your furniture matches up with what you agreed upon- just because if you’re meant to have a wardrobe/ toilet/ bed and you don’t you’re probably gonna struggle BIG TIME. And on that note, it’s always a good idea to take photos of the place as you move in so you can log it’s condition.

Pack important documents

Don’t forget to pack important documents like ID, NI number, acceptance letters, financial documents, insurance stuff (which you really ought to see if your accommodation/ house provides). And don’t just pack it in a random box, keep it handy when you move because you’ll most likely need it as soon as you arrive in your new place.

Deal with the adult shit in advance

You’re a legal tenant in a house, you do your own washing, pour hot water over your own noodles- you’re the king/ queen of your own life. So order that tesco club card, change your address on things you need sent to your new house, register for a doctor and set up any standing orders for bills etc.

Pack some form of alcoholic beverage

Purely for social purposes... Whack out the gin and offer your new flatmates a bev. Nothing says let’s be friends for life like a little double to take the edge off. It will also make pre-drinking on your first nights out a little cheaper (remember: drink responsibly guys).


When you arrive…

Buy ear plugs

When most people go to uni, they turn up with the legitimate belief that they’re going to stay up each night, seize that day, have a wild one (etc). But sometimes, even the typical 'last one standing' needs to call time-out. Rather than asking people to turn the music down and ruining the fun, stick in the ear plugs. There is no shame in burning out, just don’t stop everyone else’s fun because of it.

Phone home

You’re going to get homesick. Everyone does. It doesn’t make you weak and it doesn’t make you stupid. When you’ve been in your new house a couple of days, call home, ask about your dog, cry about the fact your housemate used all your shampoo and you’ll feel loads better.

And most importantly, enjoy it.

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