Introducing: The Web App!

By Loot | Wednesday 8th March, 2017

For a couple of months now Loot has been hiding something very exciting up its sleeve- sneaky eh? But if you head on over to you’ll see our brand new web app! This exclusive release is the first of its kind on the UK market and we think you’re going to love it.

The web app offers new flexibility if you prefer to do your banking on your laptop, even just occasionally. It also means that if things get a little wild on a Saturday night and you tragically lose your Loot Mastercard, you can pause it via the Web.

Whether you are on iOS, Android and now Web, you’ll see new features and improvements over the coming months.


I’m on iOS/ Android- can I still use it?
Yes of course. Our new app is perfect for existing iOS and Android users.

But what about all of my data?
Good question! The automatic backups from the other app versions mean that you’ll still be able to access, send and spend money with your loot account.

I’m not on iOS or Android though, can I still use it?
Loot’s new app allows more people than ever to create an account and activate their card. If you’ve been unable to check out Loot because you don’t have an iOS or Android phone, we’ve now designed a platform just for you.

What sort of developments can I expect in the future for the web app?
The future of Loot’s Web App is pretty exciting. Alongside all the new features coming soon to the mobile app, we’ve got great new browser features in the pipeline. So watch this space!