7 Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Degree

By Ed Reynolds | Wednesday 4th October, 2017

Seeing as you’ve just paid upwards of £9000 to go to uni it makes sense that you figure out how you can literally rinse the institution so you’re getting the the best value for money. For example, if you are ever offered anything for free on campus, like a can of Lucozade or a Magnum then you take it. Or when you're shopping for anything, from trainers to burritos, you opt for the choices that offer a discounted student price and always, always, always go to happy hour.

But there are more legit ways of squeezing the most out of your time out uni; here are our 7 tips...

No show is a no go

We know, you started uni with every intention to attend every single lecture. Then when you got your schedule, you saw that 9am lecture on a Monday morning and as much as you wanted to have faith in yourself, you knew straight away you wouldn’t be going. But turning up hungover or half asleep is better than not making it at all. This is because if you work out how much each lecture individually is costing you, (maybe say… £31) you’re ripping yourself off by not attending.


Service the services

You’re paying over £9000 a year so whatever free service you can get our hands on, just take it. Even if you don’t need it, take it. Go to the careers service and have a chat about how actually, you don’t really want to be a teacher. Or go and sit in the library and read a book or you know… wait for the rain to go off so you can head back out. Get tested for everything imaginable at the health centre because hey, better to be safe than sorry. This is partly where your money is going so experience it all.

Get involved

Many students go through their uni experience having never joined a society which is totally fine; it’s not for everyone. But societies are great for 3 reasons. Firstly you get to do something you really enjoy like rugby or chinese calligraphy. Secondly, you get to meet loads of randoms outside of your halls or lectures which, after a few months of uni, will feel like a breath of fresh air. Thirdly, it could actually help your career in the long run. Fair enough that learning to juggle in the circus society won’t directly help you if you’re training to be a lawyer, but getting involved with the newspaper/ radio station will help you if you want a career in media.


Bye-bye Britain

If you ever get the opportunity to study abroad you should take it- regardless of where. It will be an enriching experience in which you’ll indulge a whole new culture, meet so many people and let’s be honest, it’s basically like a really long holiday.

Productivity pays

You’d be lying if you said that during uni you’re short of time. If you stopped watching netflix, lying on your bed staring at the ceiling and getting pissed you’d have time to do something productive- weirdly enough. Even if the internship is unpaid it’s okay because you’re still learning a lot and it all adds up when you are applying for a job after uni. Now that getting a job is so competitive, you need all you can get to stand out and being able to recite the name of every Netflix Original just sort of isn’t that useful.

Pull pints

Adidas trainers don’t pay for themselves guys. Get a job in a bar or shop at the weekends because you get paid, you get discount/ free drinks and also you get to make loads of mates. Mates who don’t know the shit you did during freshers week, mates who won’t rob your milk in halls, mates who, in some way, you actually get to decide to have.


TLC for days

It will be near impossible to get the most out of your time at uni or even just enjoy it if you don’t look after yourself. This means eating properly, drinking loads of water, getting loads of sleep and making occasional trips to the doctors or dentist for checkups. Boring, we know. You don’t always have to have a pint with lunch, or eat the whole pack of biscuits and you certainly don’t need to stay up till 5am stalking Debbie-from-next-door’s Instagram- it’s not going to add any value to your life