Freshers: Expectation vs. Reality

By Ed Reynolds | Thursday 28th September, 2017

Arguably, one of the best things about uni is Freshers week (and obviously the learning and all that). Whether you are just starting first year or you’re repeating your third year for the second time, it is the one week in which, let’s be honest, you can behave in completely disgusting ways and when anyone judges you, you can respond- ‘yeah but… it’s Freshers week so who gives a fuck.’

If however, this actually was your first ever Freshers week then congratulations, you are officially a British student. During this week great bonds were formed, great mistakes were made and all under the influence of a couple of cheap Apple Sourz. You have soldiered through the hangovers and have come out of the other side having not been arrested and/or still enrolled at uni.


What you may have noticed, though, is that Freshers wasn’t quite what you expected. In fact, for some of you, it was probably even a bit disappointing or unremarkable. Do any of this myths ring a bell?

Myth 1: You will make friends for life

Contrary to popular belief, it is near impossible to form these sorts of bonds with people within the first week of meeting them. When you arrived at your halls of residence, you’d have looked at those 8 people in front of you hopeful that this would become your family away from home. But what Freshers is really good at, is highlighting everyone’s most annoying features. Why did Becky use my milk this morning? It was actually a bit annoying that George played music at 2am and I’m sure I met a girl called Jingwen on the first day but I haven’t seen her since.

Myth 2: You’ll make it through hangover free

When you’re about 18, you think you’re invincible. You were the last person standing when your were drinking a bottle of Scrumpy Jacks in the car park and you didn’t even get a hangover after your mates 18th birthday house party. You are, quite possibly, the god of booze. But then you come to freshers and it all gets a bit overwhelming. There are shots deals everywhere, the drinks are so cheap and everyone is drinking for hours on end. You wake up after the first night only to begin again and you come to the realisation that freshers is just one long hangover.


Myth 3: You’ll have the best nights of your life

Freshers isn’t like a coming of age independent film in which you have a life epiphany at 5am on an abandoned rooftop. Your nights will most likely include, but are certainly not limited to, the following: throwing up on yourself, falling over, sleeping with the person who lives next door to the left and probably to the right, falling out with someone and leaving passive aggressive notes on the fridge, crying, phoning home to tell your mum you’re not coping anymore, deciding you made the wrong choice with your degree, robbing a street cone or sign and losing your phone, purse or wallet.

Myth 4: You’ll meet your soulmate

Not everyone has this belief but for those who do, try to remain open-minded. Whirlwind romances can and do happen but realistically, you’ll probably hope none of the people who you happened to come across during Freshers week is your soulmate. Uni is great for broadening your horizons and opening up your social circle so if the people you meet in the first week of uni aren’t suitable suitors then don’t fret, you probably won’t even know them after a month or two.


Myth 5: You’ll be ready to work

You think to yourself “I’ll get everything out of my system in Freshers week so that when uni actually starts I’ll be so ready and committed to my studies”. What actually happens is that you arrive at uni and realise how easy your first semester is and what effort it takes to merely pass your exams because first year doesn’t really count, does it? You then spend the rest of the coming months repeating Freshers week but at a more respectable level. Like not not going out every night of the week and limiting yourself to one kebab on a Friday.