You Can Now Add Money Using Your Debit Card!

By Loot | Monday 27th February, 2017

February is an exciting month here at Loot with some BIG updates ready to be announced!

If you need to send money to your Loot account instantly- yes we actually mean *that *fast- Loot now lets you add money using a debit card (this includes Android Pay and Apple Pay). It’s the quickest way to add money without leaving the app and you can add money up to 5 times a week to the total value of £250 per week… we know, right? But, if you need more (‘cos you got all those brunches to buy) you can add up to £3750 a day via bank payment (though, if brunch is costing you that much, we suggest you have a serious conversation with yourself).

All you need to get started is to authenticate with Apple Pay or Android Pay using your fingerprint or passcode. Alternatively, you can scan your debit card (or enter the details manually) and go through 3D secure verification (security comes first). So open the app, press the plus sign next to your balance and **Add Money Using a Debit Card **or via a trusty bank payment(and you will be enjoying flat whites and avocado in no time).

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Any problems, worries or desires for an above average chat, contact our support team here. And if this isn’t enough and you literally need more updates, then watch this space for our next announcement coming soon. It will be worth it, seriously.

If you haven’t downloaded Loot yet, then check it out here– you don’t want FOMO, do you?