We've Just Updated Loot Budgeting!

By Loot | Tuesday 5th February, 2019

Is it you or the lifestyle? It’s hard keeping track of your spending, you need money to pay for the essentials but you also want to treat yourself and have that Netflix subscription!

If only there was a digital current account with a totally customisable budget to help you stay on track.

You asked. We listened!

Today, we've released our new and improved budgeting. It’s bigger and better than before and lets you create a personalised budget in just seconds. This is budgeting like you've never seen before. We’re excited to give you even more insight and control over your spending - down to the penny!

So, what's new to budgeting?

You can now create a budget to suit you and your lifestyle. This new release can help you track your spending in a way that works best for you.

Whether you get paid monthly; or if you work at a temping agency & get paid fortnightly; if you’re looking to see how far you can stretch your money in the interim between student loans; or if you’re working towards a specific one-off budgeting goal, you can tailor your budget to suit your vision, and we’ll help you see and understand your spending at a glance, so you know whether you’re on track.

To help you stay in budget, the budgeting circle changes from blue to red based on your spending rate. Not to mention, we’re also giving you the option to view your budget in different time frames so you can better understand whether you’re on track (or whether you’ll struggle to make up for that spontaneous ASOS shop by the end of the month).


We've also tweaked our logo and colours so you will notice a few changes in the app. We believe this new colour palette best reflects our purpose of giving young people the freedom & security to make their own choices in life.

So, how do I create my budget?

To set up a new budget, all you need to do is open the app and click 'Create Budget', select your preferred time frame (daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or custom), and you’re away.


Within Monthly, you can also select a specific day of the week or date you’d like to renew your budget (e.g. the last Friday of every month, or the 28th of every month).

Is there more to come?

We’ll be releasing another update soon with even more ways to customise your budget like category breakdowns so you can finally work out whether it’s your travel or your meals out that needs a new budget.

There’s plenty more coming your way but you’ll have to wait for the new release to find out what's in store soon!

Download Loot to get started with your budget here.