8 Top Tips for Using Social Media to Boost Your Savings

By Contributor | Wednesday 1st May, 2019

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If you only use your social media accounts to keep up with the Kardashians and your friends, then you aren't making the most of the awesome opportunities that these platforms can afford you.

Not only can socials help secure you your dream job (when optimised correctly), but they can also save you money.

Not sure how to use social media to boost your savings? Read on for our 8 top tips to maximise your time spent online.

1. Social media can save you money

If you follow businesses on your social media platforms, not just your mates and favourite influencers, you could be in for reaping huge rewards.


Because businesses are wont to favour their loyal customers and often give out codes and deals in flash giveaways via their Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest accounts.

Expect to find flash deals, time limited discounts, money off coupons and even freebies if you stick around and be social with them.

2. Social media can give you daily deals

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If you've ever used Groupon or Wowcher, you'll know how great their deals can be. But typically deals are only around for a short time, and even then the best ones are limited in their numbers.

By following these daily deals websites' social media platforms, you'll get access to the deals as they're being released. There is no need to miss out now, as you'll be first in the queue.

3. Social media can save you money on your favourite products

Love them or loathe them, social media platforms and their ability to track your behaviour can have its benefits, especially when it comes to giving you what you actually want, at a discounted price.

And that can mean showing you offers and deals on the types of products that you might want to buy or have been browsing.

Sometimes online cookies are as tasty as their real life counterparts.

4. Use social media to get deals on stuff

If you're a fan of Ebay or Gumtree, now is the time to switch to Facebook Marketplace, one of the most efficient and easy ways to to sell your unwanted stuff and to find stuff you want, second hand, locally.

You can literally pick up anything you want at cut price rates, or even for free. And because Facebook Marketplace is local to you, you don't have to worry about postage or courier costs.

If you already use Facebook regularly, there is no reason why you can't leverage its Marketplace to earn you a few extra pounds or at least save some money on future purchases. Just make sure you take photos of the items you're selling in good light and check out other similar items for a good price.

5. Use social media to save money going out

Retailers aren't the only business to use social media to attract customers. Restaurants, museums, hotels and holidays sellers all use social media to offer discounts to potential customers.

Next time you're planning an outing, a big trip or your next holiday, log into social media and see what money you could save.

6. Social media can help with DIY tasks

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Rather than spend money on getting a handy person to come in and help you with your simple DIY jobs, why not hop on social media and educate yourself.

Chances are not only will you learn a new skill, but you might come across an unusual project that will pique your interest.

Plus, think of the satisfaction or doing your own DIY. Your dad will be so proud.

7. Social media is great for social reviews

If you're about to make a big purchase, stop. Don't do anything until you've had it social-proofed via social media. Either put a shout out on your own channels, or hop on to the social pages of the brand you're about to purchase from, and check out the customer reviews.

Feedback from people who have been there before you could be the difference between you parting with a load of money for a dodgy product, and walking away unscathed.

8. Make social media your side hustle

If you want to make a bit of extra cash on the side and you can work social media like a pro, then be a pro and work at social media.

Turn your social media know-how into a money making venture and sell your social media savvy skills to businesses who are lacking in them.

An easy place to start is by hunting for openings for social media managers on LinkedIn, just type social media manager jobs into the search bar and filter results by part time, freelance or remote - so you can do it around your studies. Or hit up businesses that you follow online and offer to help them with their social media efforts.

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And you thought social media was all about videos of cute cats and pictures of Kim et al doing questionable stuff for money.

For more ways to boost your savings, check out the social media for and keep an eye on our blog.